Who We Are

The experts in everything Nepal

Hotel and Home was born from the realization that there was a gap in the market in Nepal for providing quality and authentic accommodation for domestic and international travelers alike. We are a team of local Nepalese with years of experience in the travel industry here in Nepal. We know our country inside and out and want to provide you with an unparalleled experience whether you are from Kathmandu or Calgary.

Why We Are The Go-To Place For Accommodation In Nepal

It's not just about finding a place to sleep

Through years of experience working in the tourism industry here in Nepal we have built up a network of trusted accommodation owners who constantly aim to provide their guests with an authentic Nepalese experience and true hospitality. We are not just connected with Nepal's best accommodation, but thanks to working closely with domestic and international travelers for years we have keen understanding of how to deliver unforgettable experiences in Nepal.

Our Promise To You

From planning to departure, we want you to know your satisfaction with our services is our highest priority. It is our mission and the very reason Hotel and Home was created in the first place - to provide you an experience in Nepal that no other provider can. If any issue should arise we want to know and our team will do everything we can to remedy it.

For Travelers

Safety, authenticity, and uniqueness are three pillars by which you the traveler can be assured of from us.

  • Safety - All accommodation providers are personally vetted by our team so you can be assured they are not only trustworthy but put the safety and happiness of their guests above anything else.
  • AUTHENTICITY - We want you to have a true Nepalese experience. That is why we work with hotels and homestays that have consistently demonstrated to provide true Nepalese hospitality and experiences.
  • UNIQUENESS - At Hotel and Home we want to provide you something that no other platforms can and that is the ability to find places to stay that reflect what Nepal is all about.

For Accommodation Owners

Our success in providing travelers the best stay in Nepal is only possible with you. When you choose to work with us we want you to think of us as your partner not a service provider. Hotel and Home wants to give you the most fair partnership in the industry along with unrivaled partner support. Our team is ready to make sure when you choose to work together with us you have all the necessary resources available to you to have a fruitful experience.