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I like to know new people and share my culture and at same time make money. I have found hotel and home as a great platform to share my homestay.


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I am getting more guests in my hotel since I have joined as a partner with hotel and home.


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Since i am new in tourism industry, I found hotel and home as a opportunity to boost my hostel business.


location_on Kathmandu

I have a small house in my hometown, which I wanted to rent fully, but I also visit my home sometimes then I will not have a place to stay. SO I thought about renting my home for tourist, which made my place for myself whenever I want to.


location_on Kathmandu

As a businessperson, I have an apartment in downtown but I also frequently travel for business so I can barely stay long time in my apartment. Now I am renting my apartment whenever I am not in the town.


location_on Kathmandu

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